My Blessed Wish

If I were granted just one special wish,

If need be, placed upon a small silver dish;

To be brought before the Lord and placed at His feet,

while coming unto His glory, near His mercy seat;

With trembling hands I place it before His Holy throne,

A piece of my heart that few have ever known;

I dare to look up, for unworthy I do ask,

for who am I to request such an intrepid task;

For on this open vessel is a desire from my heart,

a dream of hope that only God can impart;

Now on this vessel, this charger, this plate,

Is an earthly wish of a heavenly state;

A time of which has not yet come to be, yet a collection of memories that are deep within, and a part of me;

For upon this dish I carry the hope of glory,

yet with it, a piece of my own personal story;

Concerning a timeless place within a heavenly state,

Somewhere perhaps, near Gods most heavenly gate;

In an effort to fulfill this desire through my own accord,

Would be far beyond my abilities,

that I could ever afford;

For my human effort is presented in all it’s vanity,

Mixed and clouded with the flaws of a sinful humanity;

Yet still I come with request in hand,

and believing in His promise, is where I must stand;

For within that promise I have placed my hope,

That allows me in this world, an ability to cope;

In His Word He has stated, that He has gone to prepare a place for me,

and also knows within my heart, for whom I again desire to see;

For memories of friends and family that I have gathered throughout the years,

I have placed upon this dish, with my own sorrow and tears;

In hopes that someday soon, we all may gather in that glorious place,

and dine together in the presents of the Lord, together in His glory and grace:

2011 SJL